Instant access to the most comprehensive, ethnically diverse, and current neuropsychological normative database for clinical and research settings. This simple, straightforward tool allows you to quickly search appropriate norms from peer-reviewed studies, and easily convert raw scores into normative scores for your clients and research groups. Optimize your workflow by saving up to 30% of your time with NeuroPsychNorms. Less time looking for norms, more time focusing on the essential.

Our Purpose was created for clinicians and researchers to make the acquisition of neuropsychological norms simpler and more efficient. With this straightforward scoring program, simply enter the demographic information and neuropsychological test scores to gain instant access to all the appropriate and most up-to-date normalized data from peer-reviewed studies.

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 No identifying information of your clients/research participants is stored by us in any way.
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About Us was founded by clinicians and researchers for clinicians and researchers in Neuropsychology. Our goal is to make multicultural neuropsychological norms more accessible and easily applied.

We believe this access, and the ability to convert raw scores to normative scores, will allow for better and more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of patients who otherwise might be improperly assessed due to demographic variations. NeuroPsychNorms aims at improving care by reducing time spent by clinical neuropsychologists looking for norms. For researchers, our goal is for this up-to-date, easily searchable and sorted database to provide the perspective and context for breakthrough discoveries to further our understanding of the human mind and condition.

Normative data provided by NeuroPsychNorms are collected from peer-reviewed studies.

Co-founders Enrique Lopez, PsyD, and Thomas Holton share a deep commitment to making applicable data available and usable by clinicians and researchers, and the foundational belief that this can open the door to better outcomes and quality of life for patients. Dr. Lopez, a practicing research neuropsychologist at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, Calif., has spent his career delving into the intricacies of neuropsychology, with a particular focus on cross-cultural and health-related issues people face. Thomas Holton found early in his career a passion for scientific programming, and saw how the marriage of data and clinical research could lead to real answers for real people.

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